This lovely little town on the California coast, nestled at the base of the Santa Ynez mountains, is dotted with rolling hills, orchards, nurseries, and beautiful golf courses. Goleta, just West of Santa Barbara, is rural in feel but located only minutes to shopping, restaurants, research centers and the University of California.
Goleta Beach, known for its long fishing pier and sunbathing beaches, offers picnic areas, volleyball, children’s play areas and excellent kayaking and surfing.  Goleta also boasts numerous oak-studded parks and nature preserves. The Sterling/Ellwood Preserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna, as well as some 60,000 migratory butterflies. 
Goleta is a quiet suburban community once known as a farming region. Many of the lovely housing neighborhoods are still surrounded by orchards—lemon, orange and avocado.  Homes built on the hillsides offer spectacular vistas of the ocean and Channel Islands. Goleta also offers some of the more affordable housing on the South Coast from entry-level homes to condominiums.
Goleta is loved by many for its friendly warm atmosphere. The majestic mountains, blue pacific and mild Mediterranean climate make it a wonderful place to call home.