Posted June 12, 2012


Looking for something new and exciting to enjoy this summer? Experience Santa Barbara’s own Greek festival this July. The 39th Annual Greek Festival is taking place from 11 am to 7 pm on Saturday, July 28nd Sunday July 29th in beautiful Oak Park. This unique festival evokes the sights, sounds and tastes that define the traditional Greek culture and way of life. Long considered to be one of the highlights of the Santa Barbara summer, the Greek Festival represents the only Greek cultural celebration of the year and is for many their only chance to experience the authentic Greek culture up close. Visitors can enjoy a plethora of traditional Greek foods, distinctive drinks, soulful music, lively dancing, and unforgettable costumes. Nearly 40 years ago, the festival originated as a fundraising session with parishioners of St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church. Since then, that single fundraising event grew into a major annual event for the church, demanding months of planning and preparation.

This delightful festival allows you to stroll through Santa Barbara’s beautiful Oak Park, and experience the simple pleasures of life in a Greek village. Dozens of volunteers for the event enthusiastically staff their booths, creating an inviting, joyful, and welcoming atmosphere. But, what keeps festival-goers returning year after year is the delectable cuisine. Favories such as gyros, moussaka, and baklava are sure to please anyone’s taste buds. You can also listen to the distinctive sounds of the bouzouki and other exotic instruments played by authentic Greek musicians. Or, delight in the beauty of the unique and elaborate costumes worn by performers as they partake in traditional dances that reflect the Greek culture. Clearly, The spectrum of activities to be enjoyed at this festival are endless.

So, for many of us longing for the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean, the Greek Festival is sure to offer a welcome escape on a sweltering weekend afternoon this July.

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